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Our formula comes in a powder spray bottle. When you spray the product into your hair, typically at the root, the powder will soak up the oil, therefore removing the shine and making your hair look cleaner in seconds.

How does our dry shampoo work?

Woman in bathroom using Dri spray bottle for hair care, reflecting a routine for oily roots, in a modern setting


For best results, shake the bottle well before use. Hold the nozzle about 15 cm away from your hair and target the roots that appear oily.

Woman applying Dri dry shampoo spray, ensuring even coverage for a refreshed style, in a bright bathroom

Shake well

Spray the product evenly and massage it through evenly and massage it through your hair to ensure it blends well. Continue massaging until the powder is fully absorbed. Once absorbed, style your hair as desired. This product works best on dry hair.

Showing a user's routine in a bright bathroom, cautioning against overuse on light hair.

For best results

To ensure a better experience, we recommend to not use more than 2 days in a row. For light hair, this product could leave spots in your hair as its designed for dark hair.

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